5 years ago
On The Run From Leon

Me and Mom walk to the post office. We stop about across the street from it, and about half a block away, near a bench and a ship box. I want to send in a magazine subscription, but realize after I drop it in that I don’t have a stamp on the envelope. I fish it back out of the bin.
A creepy man standing nearby asks me what I’m doing. Mom steps in and answers him with a quick-thought lie.
I go inside the post office, now with Leon instead of Mom. Kids my and Leon’s age are mobbed inside, on a field trip or drill of some kind. I can’t tell if there’s a line or an open checker, so I awkwardly stand near the doors trying to figure out the busy scene.
Cal comes out from behind one of the counters, makes eye contact with me, and holds up a little sign that says he’s open. I jump over to him, knowing that anyone else waiting will beat me to him if I don’t jump on it now. I have to jump over some people’s legs, which are spread out on the floor as they sit along the walls.
Cal goes back behind the counter and sells me some stamps. They only cost a quarter, and he gives me five dollars back in change. Halfway through talking to Cal, he turns into Tai.
Once I’m done I head for the door to leave. I spot Leon sitting along one of the walls with his friends. I wave for him to come with me, but he just gives me a look and wave for me to leave without him. I’m confused and hurt, since he had told me before he wanted to spend the day with me. Now he would rather stay behind and participate in this fire drill?
I decide to not give a flying fudge and leave. I run down the streets in case she say the “whatever, fudge you” face I made and changed his mind. I didn’t want him to be able to follow me. I made all kinds of turns, twists, and shortcuts through streets and alleys, even cutting across a couple of yards to make sure he wasn’t able to follow me if he wanted to.
I get tired and break by sitting on a half-wall in someone’s yard. The half-wall raises the yard of this person’s house, particularly around a tree. I feel uncomfortable trespassing but I just need a break.
Apparently all of my evading wasn’t enough- which I figure when someone walks up to me. I expect it to be Leon, but am surprised to find that it’s actually Tessa. If it would have been him, I would have gotten up and continued to run. Since it’s her and she’s my friend, I allow her to sit next to me and talk.
To my surprise, she’s here on /Leon’s/ behalf. She asks me, “What do you want him to apologize for?”
I look at her incredulously. “I don’t want him to apologize for /anything/. We were good just the way we were- things were fine. Then he had to go and treat me like dirt.”
Leon comes out from behind some bushes, smiling as though he just caught me saying something I was trying to hide. I said nothing that was a secret, so I don’t know why he has a shit-eating grin on his face.
I stand and run away again, though Tessa and Leon try to stop me. I manage to run all the way to Su-Store, and run inside. I manage to lose their close tail by darting through the grocery isles, but now I’m faced with trying to get out without them seeing me leave so I can truly escape.
Leon enlists the help of his friend Klaus, who happens to work in this store, to try and catch me. I manage to evade them despite being severely outnumbered. Klaus even gets his dark-skinned girlfriend with black braids tied back in a bun to help try and get me as I run around the cashier stations.
I end up by the East doors, about to make a break for it, when Tessa comes into my view between me and escape. I pick up some bags of Halloween candy and act like a normal customer perusing. This seems to disguise me, as she doesn’t seem e until she nearly runs into me.
Discovered, I make a run for across the store, narrowly escaping Klaus as I pass him in one of the aisles. I’m headed for the frozen section, but stop before the deli and turn into one of the middle isles. I decide the best coarse of action is to climb to the top of one of these shelves so I can see where they are from above, allowing me to best determine the appropriate time to break for the door.
I climb up the shelf and peer over. I see Tessa, Klaus, and Leon all in the produce heading for the back of the store together, which gives the perfect opportunity. I leap down from the great height of the shelf frantically, desperate to get out in my small window of time.
I make it to the door and out- but I know I’m not safe until I’m far away and untraceable. I run across the parking lot, not entirely sure where to go to be safe, but decide that across the train tracks is as good a place as any to start. I am wearing a yellow tank top and my blue fabric shorts. I run across the street and across the tracks on the other side, then up a hill that is crested with a line of pine trees. I head to a gap in the line of pines, and am about to make it through to the other side of the hill.
Leon orders me to stop. Despite being so far away, I can hear him loud and clear. I halt and put my hands in the air. Without looking, I know that there’s a red sight dot steady on my back.
Leon and Klaus stand behind a blind in the parking lot of Su-Store, both aiming sniper rifles at me. I know if I move I am dead. This is no longer a game of evading, but a matter of life and death. All I can do is wait for the boys to climb up the hill for me. I know once they reach me and apprehend me, I’ll be doomed. [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Night of April 6th, 2015
Real-life characters: Mom, Leon, Cal, Tai, Tessa, Klaus.
Dream-created characters: Creepy man outside post office, other students in the post office, Klaus’s girlfriend.
Real-life places: Post office, Su-Store, street near Su-Store and train tracks.
Dream-created places: Across the street from the post office, streets I run through, yard I break in, hill with trees.
Different than real life: I haven’t talked to Tessa in years, me and Leon are no longer friends nor in a relationship, I haven’t seen Leon in person in years, Klaus was a boy from my class- Leon and him weren’t friends, so far as I know Klaus has never worked at Su-Store.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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